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I'm not ready to let go

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I'm new to any kind of outside support group. You're group seems so loving, careing, understanding, supportive & giving. This journey has been so lonely for me.

History & to-date

My mom was diagnosed with endometrial cancer a year and a half ago.

Then did a body scan at that time and saw some spots on her lungs.

They said they were small and probably scar tissue from when she was a kid.

They said she sould just tackle the endriometrial cancer for now.

So she had a full hystorectomy.

They said they think they got everything.

They did not push for chemo at that time just incase.

1 year ago, she developed a large mass in her pelvic area.

It was canerous and she had it removed. They said they could not get it all.

Before the operation they had done another full body scan and it showed numerous tumors in her lungs and that they are inoperable.

Stage IV. Biopsy not possible.

She has since gone through two series of chemo.

I am not sure all the drugs but I know they were the most common protacols.

She just finished her last chemo treatment 3 weeks ago.

She just had a scan because she had some other problems the dr. wanted to look at. After seeing the new scan, today he said

1) she can now do nothing

2) go on Tomoxifen

3) go on Letrozole 2.5 mg tablets once a day to reduce estrogen (she chose this one).

I don't know what this all means. She lives 1800 miles away and she does not ask questions.

Does anyone know if this is a sign of her being near her final days, weeks, months?

I have only found information on Letrozole for Breast Cancer and in its early stages.

I can't find one thing about this and lung cancer.

Anyone, have you been on this or know someone that went on this.

Thank you for listening to me.



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Hi, Ann, welcome to the group. I see you just posted this a short time ago, but most of our mainland members are probably asleep by now and won't answer until Wednesday. I'm in Hawaii, where there are still a few hours left in Tuesday, so I'll respond to what I can.

From your post, it's not clear to me (maybe it's not clear to you either) whether the mass removed from your mom's pelvic area was determined to be a metastasis from the original endometrial cancer. If that's the case, then the stage IV you mentioned would apply to the endometrial cancer since it had spread to other parts of the body such as the pelvic area (if confirmed) and probably the lungs (though biopsy was not done there). This may sound like a nit-pick, but in terms of treatment it's important to know the original ("primary") site of the cancer, since a malignancy that starts in one part of the body and spreads to the lungs has a different structure and set of characteristics than one that starts in a lung and spreads elsewhere. Basically, it's not called lung cancer unless it starts in a lung. Wikipedia says that Tamoxifen and Letrozole are related to estrogen production, which leads me to believe the diagnosis is still endometrial cancer. Sorry this got so convoluted — I hope the next paragraph is easier to follow.

Does anyone know if this is a sign of her being near her final days, weeks, months?

One never knows for sure, but I don't think it's possible to even guess without a couple more items of information. First, how is she feeling, functioning, moving about, communicating, etc.? Is she severely debilitated, or doing pretty well considering she just finished chemo? The other item you may not be able to answer right now, but it's important to know what the doctor said about the results of the scan. Did he say the tumors had responded to the chemo (shrunk or even disappeared), and that she could go into "watch and wait" mode or choose one of the drugs as a precaution against further problems elsewhere? That would be great! Or did he say that the tumors had not responded to the chemo and further treatment might be futile, but she could try one of the drugs offered? A big difference, certainly.

Some of the wonderful ladies in our group who have some first-hand knowledge of these issues can give you better answers, but I think you can assure the best answers if you can fill in some of the gaps I mentioned above. My best wishes and Aloha,


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I have to echo Ned's sentiments and thoughts on this one. Lots of factors and thats not your fault by any means. A lot of ifs there.. Welcome though, and we can try and figure things out. How is mom doing physically and emotionally? Do you have complete trust in her Oncologist? CAN you call and talk to her oncologist? Does she keep notes for Her Oncologist of things to ask when she sees the Oncologist?

The most important question here is Can you find out info from Oncologist if you call and ask them???

We can offer a lot of support here and we do have a Medical Oncologist, who specializes in Lung Cancer on another site that helps us out with Medical issues. Dr West at the Swedish Institute volunteers his spare time to answer our Medical questions and Many of our members here are also active on the other site as well including Ned!!! Here is his link but don't think we are trying to get rid of Ya!! Just trying to give you one of our resources in addition to this site!!!


Hope this helps a little for the moment.Hugs and Prayers From Randy!!

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