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Thought I'd had more dignity

Yorktown Linda

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Thanks to the hospital nurses who kept ignoring my complaint of constipation, I left the hospital not having gone in over a week. The hospice nurse de-impacted me when she brough me home but there was still much to come. The nurse increased my meds and spoke to my doc about other options.

She and the home health aide are due in abour an hour.

But I woke up covered. Need I say more? My poor husband. Don't see how my daughters (29 and 26) would have coped with this.

I know he says it goes with the territory but this is so unfair!


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I am so appalled that you would be discharged like that. An impaction can be deadly and your constipation should have been dealt with before it got to that point. Please have someone complain to the hospital's patient advocate. I feel so badly for what you had to go through due to their incompetence.

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That's a crappy situation, for sure. In the case of a possible bowel impaction, it's definitely better out than in! It's just another bump in the road, don't dwell on it. You now know it's possible, and you'll be prepared if you're ever so backed up again. It's another one of them learning experiences, but it's not a defining point in who you are.

All in all, it's icky, but it does clean up and it's something to compare to in the future - "I sure feel like crap today with a bad headache, but it sure beats when..."

Hang in there, lady, after all, sh*t happens!



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Ahhh Linda. I am so sorry you have had to go through all that. Shame on them at the hospital for discharging you in that condition. My experience also seems that there is not enough attention paid to constipation. When you are given a prescription for certain meds, a bottle of Senokot should just be supplied along with it...and also just given in the hospital without doctor's orders. Thank goodness you are through that now and hopefully can prevent it in the future. Take care


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You sure didn't need this!! I agree with making a complaint against the nurses - bowel impactions CAN be very serious.

I hope they can give you something to try to regulate you. I personally am a fan of Senna tea after chemo. Altho I found out the first time that a little goes a long way with it and I now don't steep it very long at all - it was like the gift that kept on giving!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Linda, you would do the same for him if the situation were reversed. Still, I'd let the hospital know that your needs were ignored. Our hospital has a patient rep. We ran into her in an elevetor one time when my father was in the hospital and wasn't being cared for properly. She asked us how things were going and we told her (we didn't know who she was, just thought she was making conversation). Her face got real tight and she said "that will be taken care of" and she got off on the elevator and read the nurses the riot act. He was well cared for from then on. Find the patient rep.

I hope things are going, um, more smoothly now.


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As though what you are facing right now isn't enough. It really is an outrage. I rarely had that problem when I was on chemo but I remember once I spent hours lying on the bed doubled up in pain running back and forth to the bathroom with no relief. When I finally called my (RN) daiughter I realized I could have avoided a lot of pain--Senekot and a heating pad on my stomach worked wonders and relatively quickly. I know this is about you and not me but I am including this because there is often something to be learned in reading responses to posts. I'm not on chemo anymore but am paying attention to Patti's Senna.

I do hope you or someone in your life makes the hospital aware. I know they get busy but it just isn't right.

Judy in Key West

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