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Hello from Louisiana


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I just want to say hello and update all of you who are wondering. My time has been so full that I haven't had time to be in touch. I hate to do it this way but I am copying what I posted on myspace. It took me a while to write it and I am ready to sit for awhile. Hope you are all well as you know you are all always in my thoughts and prayers. Lillian

what a week it has been!! I am tired sunburned and lazy. I love Mardi Gras but am glad that it is over. I am enjoying my time with my family and looking forward to the little over two weeks I have left here. I am also missing my home, my friends, my dog and my car and especially my routine. I guess deep down I will always be a person who likes the stability of a regular routine.

As most of you know I arrived here in Louisiana on January 30th just a little ahead of the Mardi Gras season. First weekend my daughter Myrtha and her husband Brian boiled crabs and boy did I enjoy those. Brian also bar b qued em em good!! So my quest to eat healthy has completely gone out the window for now but amazingly I haven't gained any weight.

On February 7th I went to the Hurcules Tableau. It was really beautiful. The costumes are so elaborate. It was great to see my son Denny all dressed up with t hat huge fancy head dress he had to wear. We left after tableau but some of my grandkids stayed on for the ball with Denny and Laurie. My days of partying are long past so I didn't even think of doing anything but leaving that to the younger folks.

On Friday February 13th my son Denny rode in the Hurcules parade. It is really a big and nice parade. There were several delays so we didn't stay for all of that one. We left right after he passed. It had been raining off and on all everning but thank God the rain stopped for most of the parade.

That Saturday night there was another parade, skipped that one because of rain, then again on Sunday. I enjoy them all and watching those two great grandbabies is so much fun. They are not the least bit afraid of the noise and really learned to wave and get the attention of the people on the floats so they will throw them something. They are sooo precious!

That weekend I stayed at David's. Denny and Laurie had a lot more things to do for Mardi Gras and Myrtha ended up with the flu. This past weekend went to the Friday night parade and Sunday's day parade but skipped the Saturday night parade.

Now Sunday we all turned out for the day parade and then Monday night Laurie rode in Cleopatra. We all were a the mall to see it then Myrtha's family and myself and Denny and Bridget and Christopher went into town to see it again. Between the car and where we watch it I took a little tumble when I missed the curb. I fell on my right knee. It feels a little bruised but it could have been a lot worse. Sure glad that I didn't fall on my left knee. It is sore enough!

Anyway when Laurie rides she always bombards us with beads. Pack after pack, boy does she have an arm!! Trent and Jared stood next to me and deflected all of the bags so they didn't hit me and I could still catch some. Don't know what it is but every time I swear that I will not worry about catching anything but that resolve never lasts. I get caught up in it and have a ball catching things. I did learn that my reflexes are still very good. I caught a ball and several bags of beads in mid air one handed, yea for me who says I am getting old? (Well besides my aching knees and neck). By the time the parade ended and we picked Laurie up and got back to Denny's house it was 1:30am. By the way everyone else calls him Denis but to Myself, David and Myrtha and Angela and Brian he will always be Denny and the kids will always call him Uncle Denny!!

Now Tuesday morning , Mardi Gras day we were leaving the house by 9:00 am. Denny's next door neighbor and friend had invited us all to join him and some others for a day of fun in a private yard along the parade route. They had cooked a whole pig and had all kinds of food to go along with it. The two best things I ate were some seafood chowder that disappeared before you could blink your eye and the homemade craklins. The pork roast wasn't bad and the chicken legs Brian bar b qued were really great too. So after a day of food, fun and sun. I am more than ready for some quiet days.

Oh and I shouldn't forget to mention that we spent the evening outside with a fire in the fire pit at Bobby's house. He and Denny like their fires and Denny bar b qued again that night. So the freezing cold Monday night and the bright hot sun Mardi Gras got together and did a number on my face and especially my lip. I have a blister on it that burns badly and doesn't want to go away just yet.

Now for all of you who are not from here or don't live here I guess it sounds like life her is centered around food. Well I guess it pretty much is. Any occasion is the right time for a big meal of one kind or another. Sense I have been here I have been treated to boiled crabs and boiled shrimp , fried shrimp and fried fish. The only seafood that we haven't had are crawfish but they have gotten so expensive that I doubt we will have them That's alright but I wouldn't mind some crabs again.

So you all see that I am keeping busy and relaxing at times too. I have pictures that I will be posting. Not sure if it will be before I get home or not but I will get them on here.

Yesterday while Bridget was working and Denny was taking Chris to play golf I had a chance to have a nice visit with Laurie. We hadn't done that in a while so I really enjoyed it. I hope I can get more one on one time with Bridget she is the only one that I haven't had a chance to spend much time with.

So with a little over two weeks left here I have to fill several requests so I am trying to figure out what day to do that this weekend. It will be either Saturday or Sunday. All of my kids and grandkids want the chicken empanada's that I make and David has requested homemade bread and Bridget and Lera want chicken. I know too that most of them will want my cole slaw too. So as soon as we figure out for sure what day will be best for everyone, I will be a busy lady in the kitchen again( I just wish Brian could be here too and Jack but there is just no way to have them all at once)If you know me you know that is just exactly what I love to do. So I will end this now by saying thanks to all of my family and telling the rest of you out there to eat your heart out because you haven't seen anything until you see Mardi Gras in Houma Louisiana. As for the food I will worry about the diet when I get home.

To see information on the Krewe of Hurcules that Denny rides in look up Krewe of Hurcules Houma Louisiana on the net. There should be pictures posted by now. You could also look up Cleopatra in Houma, that is Laurie's parade.

Love to you all.

PS Monday marked 3 years sense my ex husband died. Mardi Gras was his favorite holiday and all of us had him on our minds. My grandchildren are still grieving deeply for him especially on that aniversary that is in the middle of the season he loved so much. As for me I miss him too and knowing the pain my family feels will always make me feel his loss.

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Your nice long post is such a treat , Lillian. Sounds like you have been having a wonderful time with your family. Anytime someone gets to eat crabs is a wonderful time in my opinion.. lol I love them too. Steamed with Chesapeake Bay seasoning is how I like them.

It's good to know that you are doing well. Take care and thanks for checking in.


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Sounds you you are having a wonderful time with your family. I have always wanted to see Mardi Gras - hope you post some pics of it!!

As for the crab - you and Sue have me drooling...I LOVE them!!!

Enjoy the rest of your trip and let us know when you get home.

Hugs - Patti B.

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It is wonderful to hear from you Lillian - what a busy and exciting time you are having; however it sounds as though you will need a vacation after your vacation!!!

I hope your knee is healing up nicely...thankfully it wasn't worse.

Enjoy cooking up a storm for your family - I am certain they love it just as much as you love doing it for them.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your time with the family.


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Lilian, what a lovely vacation it sounds like you are having. Parties along the parade route are the best. When we lived in PA it was Halloween parades, we lived on the route in Kutztown and our friends in Hamburg. They were the two biggest parades in the area. I do agree you might need a vacation to recover from the vacation, but I'm sure it's worth it.

Enjoy your time with the family. Gathering over food with our kids is something I think we can all appreciate. I know I can.

Judy in Key West

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