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Anyone Watch Brothers & Sisters???/


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Someone told me that Tommy is being cut from the show because of his inability to get along well with the other cast members. I think he's my least favorite of the Walker clan. I was hoping he would manage to get Holly out of the business but I think he's going to get busted before it gets that far. If Tommy leaves the show, that would be interesting. Maybe the baby's father would change his sexual preference????

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I do think Tommy goes to jail. I'm not that sorry to see him leave. The previews make it look like someone dies and it sure seems like Rob Lowe's character. But the tvguide summary for the show in 2 weeks says something about Rob Lowe's character's governor quest continues in light of a recent medical issue and birth of his son. So, he's at least still alive. And seems that the medical issue is directly with his part of the family, so is it him or the newborn?

It's funny how much you can learn by the tvguide summaries for upcoming shows. They do often give things away not so much in that night's summary, but in ones for the next couple of weeks. :)

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I thought Rob Lowe would die - but he was just now on the View - and although he refused to say - he said things on the show would affect him and Balthezar (tommy) so now i think maybe Tommy is going to die. I do think they will make us wait til the very end of the episode to find out.

Crazy how wrapped up in these shows we can get - but they make us forget our own troubles for a bit!

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