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Please - Opinion CAT Scan - Lung Cancer


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Would you please give me your opinion on the CAT Scan described below? I have no one else to turn to because my father adamantly refuses a biopsy. His primary doctor told me 15 months ago, that he believed with certainty he has Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Now, the doctor has changed his opinion, he believes he has a Lung Fungus because my father shows no symptoms of lung cancer. So I requested the CAT Scan to get another opinion.


There is a 3.79 x 3.45cm mass within the posterior segment of the right upper lobe with the mass extending below the carina by approximately 1 cm. There are at least six small metastatic lung nodules noted within the posterior segment right upper lobe. There is a small metastatic lung nodule noted in the anterior segment of the left upper lobe. The rest of the visualized lung fields are essentially clear. There is no mediastinal, hilar, or axillary adenopathy noted. Thee are atherosclerotic changes of the origin of the left subclavian artery, of the thoracic aorta, LAD coronary artery, and circumflex coronary artery.


1. 2006 / Nov – 10mm (X-ray)

2. 2007 / Nov – Grew to 4cm (CAT scan with contrast)

3. Dad: 82-yr-old (quit smoking 30 years ago) (refuses biopsy and treatments-adamant about this)

Lung Fungus?? (the 4cm mass in lungs)

- Lifetime resident upstate NY

- Dad had driven from Chicago to California (50 years ago)

- Dad had visited Arizona and Nevada for one month (30 years ago)


- From examining the CAT Scan, do you think he has Lung Cancer?

- Can a person have lung cancer starting 10mm (Nov 2006) grow to 4cm (Nov 2007) – and have no symptoms as of this date Feb 2009?

- If not, and you think it is a lung fungus, can lung fungus show up on a CAT Scan 30-50 years from possible exposure?

- If Lung Fungus, are there any life threatening issues?

Thank you for your time and I appreciate any advice/information you can give me.

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Boy, I don't know what to say. I honestly don't know. I will say that it doesn't sound like Small Cell, as it grows much to quickly and the side affects are obvious...generally...

Maybe your dad will lighten up on the "no biopsy" rule he's made, as that would allow you to know so much more.

Stay strong...


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Hi SharRob.

Obviously, no non-professional can pass judgment on the CT-scan report, but my concern is what your goal is. If your father has no symptoms, then I take it he's feeling fine, right? If so, and if he wants no treatment (which really only claims to alleviate symptoms, i.e. be 'palliative', anyway), then why worry about what's happening in his lungs? I wonder because I'm in a similar situation -- I was dx with Stage 4 NSCLC and want no treatment and have no symptoms. I see the onc once a month (will now be once every 6 wks) and she always asks if I want a CT-scan and my response is always, 'What for?' She laughs and says "Right. See ya next month.' So my advice to you is what I would want for myself in his situation: let him be, let him live his life with as few hassles and as much pleasure as possible.


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