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Forgive yourself


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This came from a support book called The Unbook for Men and Women with Cancer.

I thought this page was right on target and wanted to share it with you.

Forgive Yourself

"You're not strong enough to give yourself cancer," said Dr. Lawrence Le Shan at a cancer survivor retreat.

So why do so many people insist on blaming themselves for getting it?

We think of all the things we could have, should have done that might have protected us. We didn't stop smoking, or we ate ice cream instead of apples. We bought plain grocery store veggies instead of health food store organics. We watched ESPN and avoided the gym. And, horror of horrors, we failed to think positively 24 hours a day!

Here's the deal. Nobody knows what sends the first tiny cell into a tailspin to reproduce and form a tumor. NOBODY.

Chemical waste buried beneath us? Particles in the air? Your grandmother's genes? Trauma?

Nobody knows.

And if you missed your few check-ups a few years running, you still didn't cause your cancer. It is what it is and now you can put your back against the wall and deal with it...

....after you forgive yourself.

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That was needed.

Knowing full well that we are only human, we still need reminders every now and again of the fact that we are not the initiators of this disease. No one is, or ever could be.

Self blame is counter-productive. You have, once again, lit the pathway with wisdom.

Thank you, Jamie. :)


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