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Do you have trouble sleeping? Need Advice


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I've noticed that my breathing becomes very shallow and very slow when I fall asleep. Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep because I have to take a few deep breaths every so often to get caught up on my air.

My family doc did an O2 overnight on me and I was below 89 sat level 25% of the time.

My pulmonary office thinks it is sleep apnea, but they seem to be diagnosing everyone in their office with sleep apnea lately. I think it is lucrative business. :D

The husband says I do not snore at all and that I make almost no noise at night. In fact, he has watched me sleep and he says my chest barely moves every so slightly.

Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks. Barbx

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I've missed you around, Barb!!!! I don't have that problem, but I do have trouble sometimes when I lay down (other times too) getting a GOOD breath. When that happens I need to sit up and put my arms over my head to expand my chest. It's been happening a bit more often lately ~ so concern enters my world. A friend of mine goes to pulmonary rehab (for non LC troubles) and says she has learned lots to help her. Also in her class are some LC folks. It is something about breathing correctly. Of course your docs would have an eye on any fluid build up which sometimes is a culprit.

Sorry you have 'new' issues. Seems we are never out of the woods, huh? Please update if/when you get and info on it. I'm interested as well.


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I too have trouble sleeping. I have to sleep sitting up. I have enough post nasal drip that either I'm coughing all night or else my already narrowed airway is further narrowed by mucus, so I don't get much air.

It never ends, does it?

At least sitting up I am not putting pressure on the surgical site where the rib nubs protrude.

Stay strong and stay well.



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My husband has apnea and sleeps hooked to a machine. The machine forces him to breathe, so you may want to check into it... He appears to sleep better, and the snoring only happens when he naps without the machine.

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Hi Barb,

I have Sleep Apena and have to sleep at night with a CPAP (does make a difference) Machine. Sometimes I will at times even stop breathing when I'm sleeping. If your doctor thinks it might be that you might want to get a sleep study to determine if you have it. It''s pretty straight forward. My study (depending on the study, can be done at home also) involved staying over (test involves monitoring brain waves, muscle tension, eye movement, respiration, oxygen level in the blood and audio monitoring) night. Insurance should cover it. Also not everyone who has Sleep Apena snores. Hope this helps. Good Luck.


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