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Thank goodness this isn't Friday the 13th

Carolyn Flournoy

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Last year on Friday the 13th 2002 my husband of 43 years was told he had lung cancer and had 2 to 9 months. I don't remember asking for a time line but the pulmonologist looked at a x-ray and just announced this as fact. After a bronchoscopy with biopsy on the 19th of Dec. this same doctor told us to get his affairs in order because he only had 4 to 6 months. Well today Saturday the 13th 2003 he was out with his buddies shooting skeet. This doesn't go on every day he has his good and not so good days but it beats the prognosis of a year ago. Want to thank everyone for sharing their experiences and knowledge it has given us hope and courage. THANKS Carolyn

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Hi Carolyn;

Very Good post !!; So happy for the two of ya!! :):):):) ; Only, goes to prove that only God know's when our time is up!!!!

I for one believe many of the stats are outdated!!!

again, Congrats, and many more to come!!

God bless and stay well

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!!"

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Wow, Carolyn, this is certainly good news. May Jim destroy many skeets in the months and years to come.

No doctor gave Earl a time line. But we are know 15 months out. We went out to dinner on Fri and he was like the Earl of old - what a joy. Last night we went to our dinner group Christmas Party. He really can not stand and mingle but he sat and our friends came and mingled with him. He lasted 4 hours - yeah.

We have some more social events during the holidays - hope he can enjoy them all.


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Doctors just give us Stats, they don't take into consideration that they will meet people along the way, like your husband, who say "To hell with your Stats my friend". Congrats on proving them wrong once again. And continue the good fight... Happy Holidays. Love, Sharon

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