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U.S. Company helps Australian Travel to Turkey for CyberKnif


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U.S. Company helps Australian Travel to Turkey for CyberKnife Radiotherapy Cancer Tumor Treatment

U.S.-based Med Tourism Co, LLC helped student from Brisbane, Australia, Sonny Guerrini's visit leading cancer hospital in Turkey, Europe for CyberKnife cancer radiosurgery. Sonny has a Ewing sarcoma (cancerous tumor) very close to his spinal cord. Cyberknife is a robotic radiosurgery system that targets tumors more accurately than standard radiotherapy. Cyberknife tumor radiotherapy is not available in Australia. The cost of the treatment in Europe was about 20% of U.S. costs without any waiting.

This metastasised tumor was in the paraverterbral space beside my 5th thoracic vertebrae. It was about 6cm by 3cm. The tumor was pressing against my intercostal spinal nerve and was causing a lot of pain across my back and right side

Plano, TX (PRWEB) March 4, 2009 -- Sonny Guerrini, a 20 year old student, found cyberknife as an excellent alternative to conventional radiotherapy for his Ewing's sarcoma tumor that could disrupt his way of life. He was able to make the medical trip to Turkey thanks to U.S.-based Medical Tourism Corporation.


"This metastasised tumor was in the paraverterbral space beside my 5th thoracic vertebrae. It was about 6cm by 3cm. The tumor was pressing against my intercostal spinal nerve and was causing a lot of pain across my back and right side," says this young student from the University of Brisbane.

"It was my second relapse. My radiologist in Australia recommended I begin a 6-week course of conventional radiotherapy. The prognosis was fairly good and she expected to destroy all of the tumor. But the tumor was very close to my spinal cord, which would receive a considerable amount of radiation. So, the potential for side effects was too high for my liking."

"I then looked into different therapies and found out about CyberKnife that can deliver radiation with minimal side effects. I was looking for CyberKnife clinics on the Internet and found out about Anadolu Medical Center in Turkey and then Medical Tourism Corporation helped me."

CyberKnife Tumor Radiotherapy has revolutionized cancer treatment with its pin-point precision and ability to treat tumors previously thought inoperable, like brain tumors. CyberKnife effectively treats liver, prostate, kidney, neck, spine, lung, pancreatic and other soft tissue cancers.

It has many advantages over traditional radiosurgery like gamma knife. Though CyberKnife is also a form of stereotactic radiation therapy like gamma knife, CyberKnife has several breakthrough functionalities like real-time image guidance. Hence, it can treat even those lesions in parts of the body, which move with respiration like in the case of lung cancer. Also, patients who are too old or sick for other forms of cancer treatment like chemotherapy or surgery are eligible for CyberKnife treatment.

Medical Tourism Corporation arranged for Sonny and his father's travel to Turkey and back, co-ordinated with the doctors and the oncology department at the hospital in Turkey on Sonny's behalf and ensured that Sonny and his father knew exactly what was going on at any point of time.

"The speed and quality of Medical Tourism Corporation's responses to my questions was amazing. We received an e-mail reply within an hour or two of me mailing them, and it stated exactly what we needed to do, what medical reports we needed to send and how long it would take to get a reply from the doctors. From the quality of their service and speed of communication, I knew I could trust Medical Tourism Corporation with my health problem."

In all, Sonny and his family stayed in Istanbul, Turkey, for 10 days, of which the treatment was done for 6 days in 2-hour sessions. Sonny says the treatment was pain-free and he felt no side-effects. In three months, the effectiveness of the treatment will be known.

"The Turkey hospital was very efficient, modern, and new. I was very impressed and satisfied with the hospital facilities and staff and felt very well looked after. The doctors were well regarded and the hospital seemed very Westerner-friendly."

"CyberKnife treatment in Turkey is very affordable, compared to American hospitals where it could easily cost well over $100,000. Sonny got his CyberKnife treatment done within $15,000 in Medical Tourism Corporation's network of oncology treatment center in Turkey."" A number of European & UK cancer patients needing Cyberknife travel to Turkey due to low costs, highly experienced doctors & no waiting lines."

"I was absolutely satisfied with Medical Tourism Corporation and would recommend them to anyone who's looking for medical treatment overseas. They are efficient and reliable and I was extremely impressed and thankful to Medical Tourism Corporation," Sonny sums up.

Many hospitals in Medical Tourism Corporation's network are JCI-accredited or have collaborations with well-known centers of medical science. For instance, Anadolu Medical Center is affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine, USA. The doctors, who are part of the Corporation's network, speak English fluently, are very experienced and often educated in the West. The nitty-gritty of medical travel is planned well in advance to avoid any surprises. There are no hidden charges and patients are guided through each step of their medical trip.

Medical Tourism Corporation facilitates high quality and low cost medical treatment like CyberKnife in Turkey and India, gastric bypass surgery in India & Mexico, knee replacement in India, Mexico & Costa Rica, surrogacy in India, spinal disc replacement in India, and dental implants in Costa Rica. Medical Tourism Corporation is also a good standing member of Better Business Bureau & Medical Tourism Association.


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