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CATS -- and I don't mean scans

Yorktown Linda

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So I woke up choking and couldn't catch my breath. My husband gave me some morphine and ativan but I still had trouble breathing.

After some investigating, it seems that one of the cats (I suspect Bert) had chewed through the oxygen tubing. I don't know know when. Right now I've turffed them out -- except for fatty, he just lies there and purrs.

Anyway, the cats keep me going and give me joy. I don't want to get rid of them.

Has anyone faced this? What have you done?


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Well, that little stinker!!!!

Don't know if I can help - my cat is old and is happy just to steal my spot on the bed and sleep. I did once see in a magazine about some kind of semi-rigid tubing that you put your electrical cords through to keep puppies and kitties from chewing on them. Maybe the pet store might know.

Good luck - let us know how this one turns out!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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My cat likes to knock the shampoo bottle off the tub when I'm taking a shower. I've always suspected that it is a plot to do me in by making me slip and fall in the tub. Cats are like that--especially when they think we have forgotten to worship them. :D

I hope you find a solution that does not involve getting rid of your cats. Their purring is a world of good medicine on its own (except when they are trying to do you in, of course) and I suspect would be greatly missed. I agree that you might want to call the vet and find out what substance would make the tubing unpalatable to your kitties. Perhaps brocolli. :wink:


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I had the same problem with my cat Quinn who loved to chew through Alan's tubes. It took me some time, but I wrapped the entire 50 feet (or however long it was) in the black tape I used to wrap around the blade of my hockey stick. It worked, even if she chewed the tube her teeth did not penetrate the tape.

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Well you sure didn't need that little adventure Linda. Darn animals...they are so nice to have around but can sure cause the occasional spot of trouble. I agree with others...get something to rub on (there is a bitter apple product for dogs) the tube that will not agree with the cat! Take care


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Hi Linda,

We have the same problem only it's electrical cords. You can get vinyl tubing at any Hardware Store, Home Depot etc. Comes in different diameters and you can get as many feet as you need. Just take a sharp utility knife and slit it (the length) open then you can put the tubing in it. Below is a website that shows what it looks like. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

http://plumbing.hardwarestore.com/52-30 ... mpaign=rkgis a website

PS: Also there is Flexible Nylon Convolute Wire Loom. It is more expensive.



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