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Thursday's Air


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Good Morning All.

Well we had a little company meeting and there will be no more layoffs. YEAH!!

We will go to a 4 day work week. YEAH!!!!

We will work 4 8 hour days not 4 10 hour days. BOO!!!!

Damned economy!!

I am still waiting for the doc to call me to set up my MRI. Viv went this morning for another colposcopy as that is the best they can do until after the baby is born.

Tom is sitting at home waiting for more O2 tank's and nebulizer medicineto be delivered.

It is currently 51 here in Itasca.

It's a great day!!


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See - no layoffs are good news!!! And good news comes in 3s so the MRI will be good also!!

I have you in my prayers.

My head is still oozy and smelly (lovely huh?) so I am laying low again today - I am getting a little cabin fever - hope this antibiotic kicks in soon!! Anyway - I am painting my stairs - which is quite a project with a dog and 2 cats - it involves locking everyone up and making sure you don't leave anything upstairs that you might need in the next 8 hours! Then I thought - being stuck downstairs and in the house - that I would surprise my husband by doing all his ironing - exciting day huh!

We are having a heat wave of 32 here!

have a good day everyone - Janet

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