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"Sending" our support


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Another way alot of us "old" members here have been supporting others is by physically sending cards and letters to those who have had surgeries and set-backs and even to those family members who have lost a loved-one to LC.

Any member interested in sending letters of condolence and support to Greg Gaithers' family (Bart Ziggy) please shoot me an e-mail or PM and I will provide their address. He leaves behind two children who are not handling things well at all and their mother Charlotte who was a huge support in his care.

Thanks guys!

(P.S. any others who know of someone who needs the extra encouragement or support thru cards and letter, submit their info and addresses to me privately!)

I'm thinking of making this an icon all its own and form a "committee" that can do support, cards and letters and perhaps phone-buddies too. What do you guys think> Will there be a real interest in this?

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Wonderful idea - BUT if anyone sends a real life card, be kind enough to indicate "from the LCSC message board" or something like that.

It's brutal to stand there reading a card and not be able to figure out who the person is, and there's soooooooo many people here they might not recognize your name.....

Count me in...


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I've responded to those who are interested by PM. Didn't want readers out there thinking I've ignored this positive response!

Remember- anyone wanting to send cards or wanting to ADD their address to my list shoot me a PM.

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