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Evidence Of Insurability


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Not sure if anyone can answer this for me....

My disability at work has switched over to another carrier. We had this big meeting about the sign up period for our insurances and the representative from our new disability insurance was there. They are offering the "buy out" insurance so that if I am out of work and sick, my short term disability will actually be 60% of my salary rather than $152 a week like after my surgery.

I had asked the representative if we could get this, even if we had had an instance of using short term disabilty on the other carrier in the last year. He said that because it was rolling over, all we had to do was sign up for the buy out, we would not have to prove evidence of insurability. I even emphasized his answer, and he said the form is all we needed to fill out, we would be covered. One of my coworkers had ovarian cancer 2 years ago, so she was happy too.

Forms have been sent in to our Corporate Headquarters and now, every one that signed up for it has gotten an email from HR, saying that we need to download and fill out the Evidence of Insurability. I went to our onsite HR person (we hate each other :roll: ) and asked her to double check since the rep from the insurance company had said, right in front of the VP of HR, that we did not need it. She checked, and the girl in HR in NY said that her and the VP (the same one that had attended my meeting here) had discussed it and decided that everyone needed to fill out the form.

Okay, so now I'm in a dilemna. The guy from the insurance company would not give his card to any of us when he was here, and we just know his name is Bob. I do not want to fill out this form if I don't have to because this is my financial future if something happens and I cannot live on $152 a week again. I am pissed that it looks like the HR department of my company made this decision independantly...asking for the Evidence of Insurability. On the other hand, I do not want to pis_ off the VP of HR in Corporate by continuing to question his judgement. Everything is chain of command..I can not just pick up the phone and call the VP and say...Ron, don't you remember what the guy said??? I have to do everything through the shrew here in my office. And IF I don't fill out the Evidence of Insurability, they will not send my application to the insurance company.

Any suggestions????

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Hey Deb,

Not an expert in this, but checked with my wife, she worked in insurance ( major medical) for some 15 yr.'s. Now she's in law, thank goodness!! :):) So she is a bit rusty but say's you should fill out the form if they are requiring it and they must offer you insurance., at least of parity with what you have. Now again, she relates more to major med. coverage but seems it would be the same. I also think they would be treading on real thin ice if they did anything that might be viewed as an attempt to discriminate against those with a disease. Violation of Fed., ADA law. I think the question you want to ask is " if anyone can be denied this new coverage??"

When this happens in my Co. and just did with medical plans, they include all and ask no questions, it's simpler. I was just able to up my life insurance by $57K with no questions. Told ya that ya should a come work with us. All positions are filled now! :P

good luck with your insurance, hope it helps

God bless and be well

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy - 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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