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Update on Suki from Bunny (Amie)


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Amie's mom, Suki, started declining mentally over the past two weeks and on Thursday started having bowel and bladder incompetance. Yesterday the docs at MSK got together and came in and told her there was nothing more they can do for her.

All of her symptoms are due to advancing leptomeningeal mets that don't show on an MRI and haven't responded to RT or Tarceva.

Because of the incontinence, Suki is not a candidate for home hospice but they're working to get her into Calvary, a palliative care hospital in the Bronx that they've heard universally wonderful things about.

She should be transferred Mon or Tues.

She will post an update when she can.

Please keep Suki and Amie in your prayers.

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Thanks everyone. I have so much to say but I get here and it leaves my mind. I guess that's the message, then -- be quiet and still and let people love me through this.

Tomorrow my brother (who I have never been closer to than this moment in time) and I are going to tour Calvary at Suki's request (she's still a pisser! "I am not going anywhere I've never seen before!") and she should be approved and transferred tomorrow or Tuesday. Today was full of visitors for her which made her happy and tired. She's sad, mad, and doesn't like people helping her put her pants on (apparently) but otherwise, she's just the same old brave mama I've been blessed to know for 37 years.

And she's funny, too. When reminding us of her wish to be cremated and "sprinkled over Paris" she noted she'd never made it to Italy, so maybe we could bring her ashes there, instead. In our weird family, that's humor.

I am searching for the grace in the corners of this awful experience, and finding moments of joy there. Not the least of which is knowing I have, and have always had, this Board by my side.

Love and gratitude,


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Just to let you know Aimee that I'm thinking of you and your mom. I am so sorry it has come to this. This crazy disease, you think you are doing great with great results than bang.... :evil:

Prayers sent for you Suki.

Maryanne :cry:

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