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Terminal process update


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Dear Members, I'm writing to let you know what's going on with my sister. Since I'm far away I get pieces of information. She is still going to radiation, but missed two days, to weak to walk. She is not eating, but drinks milk,she doesn't like Ensure. She throws up every so often. Hospice came, will be coming every other day I believe. She had a blood test, what is that for, to see if she needs blood, or they won't give it to her no more. She had a headache this morning, could be from the cancer cells in her brain, got med for the pain, will be picked up by van,with wheelchair, to bring her to radiation. Once she has radiation, she is sleepy, but next day alert and talks. I feel that her husband should get more information on her care, as I learned so much from Hospice site, and uk hospice site. She is with us,and I talk to her everyday and she is ,in no pain. I'm learning everyday of the process, right now I'm cherish the time with her and love to hear her voice,and comfort her with all my Love. BUT most of all ,the time the Lord is giving ,for her to be with us.




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