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The Great Chiquito Escape


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Tom and I went off to an early dinner at a friends house yesterday while Viv went off to work. We returned home just a few minutes before Viv did and when she went into her bedroom she asked where her turtle went. For any of you who remember it is the one who lost his right front leg.

Well no one seemed to have a clue. Since he can't swim anymore we got him a shallow terrarium style tank. Well he managed to crawl out of it and off the shelf which is about a foot up from the floor. The floor is hardwood so it's good that he has a hard shell.

We ended up finding him under the couch in the living room which is about 25 feet from his tank.

How he managed to crawl out of there with only 3 legs is beyond me.

Never underestimate the "physically challenged" as they will amaze you at every turn. :lol:


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