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Hi everyone, I haven't been posting much lately, but I have been checking in on all of you from time to time. Here's what's been going on...my scans have been stable for 14 months, but I've been having increasing chest pain/coughing over the past 3 or 4 months, so I knew something was coming. My latest scan confirms progression. I have been taken off Tarceva/Avastin and will start Alimta on Friday. Here we go again.

Oh, and on a more positive note, I participated in the San Diego Breath of Hope walk yesterday, and $129,000 was raised for LUNGevity, yeah!!


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Hi Anne - so sorry to hear about the progression. Hoping that Alimta is as successful for you as it has been for many others.

Congratulations on doing the Breath of Hope walk (especially when not feeling your best) and helping to raise such a significant amount of money for such a great cause. Thank you! I would love to do something here like that; however, I cannot find one organization in Alberta that promotes lung cancer research funding ( or anything to do with lung cancer) - very much the invisible disease here in Canada. Perhaps the fact that I live in such a small town doesn't help matters. I even contacted television stations in the city closest to me to ask them to promote November for lung cancer awareness and was met with silence. :( So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Please keep us posted on how you are faring with Alimta.


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So sorry to hear that you had progression. 14 months is a long time to stay stable. My onc had told me that there were some good results with the Tarceva/Avastin combo.

I was on Alimta for quite a while. The two main side effects that I had was fatigue and SOB which seemed to be cumulative in nature. However, I was still outside gardening and such so it was quite doable.

Thank you from me, too for doing the walk and raising money for lung cancer. How awesome was that!

Keep us posted on how you do with the Alimta and I am hoping its the magic bullet for you!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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