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is this end stage?


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My mom was hospitalized in November for extreme fatigue, low hemoglobin, low electrolytes. She has been a heavy smoker for 60 years.The md suspected lung cancer and after she demanded to be released, she finally had a PET scan middle of January. She finally just had the biposy done this week when they placed a pleurax catheter in her lung. She was also hospitalized again in February. It is clear that she has lung cancer that has spread to her chest wall, lymph nodes, diaphragm and liver. So, since the doctoor just got the biopsy, we still haven't been told how much time she has. We know that it is extensive or stage 4, depending on which type it is. How will we know she is in her last days?? What do we look for????

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Hi Jen. I am so sorry to hear about your mom and to hear about how long it has taken to get the lung cancer diagnosis. That said, all is not lost and there is always HOPE. She is probably at Stage 4, as are many survivors here on this website. Have a look in the good news forum or the mystory forum and you will read of many success stories. There are many chemotherapy treatments that she might be given to stabilize her cancer.

The beginning of the lung cancer journey is a very scary one as there are so many unanswered questions. Once you get the results of her tests, a treatment plan can be put into place and you can focus your attention on that and get into fighting mode. It will still be awful to deal with but the sheer panic will go away and hope can be seen.

Please do not let a doctor tell you how long she has to live unless you really want some statistical estimate. They won't be right anyways. We are all individuals and there are many many people here who have survived much much longer than their initial prognosis.

I am glad you found this site. It is full of kind knowledgable people who are here for whatever you need. Ask any question you like or come here for emotional support. You will find plenty of both.

Please keep us posted on how you and your mom are doing. Take care


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Hi Jen-

Welcome to the site altho I am sorry you find the need to be here.

Sandra is right - the beginning of this journey is so scary. Once a treatment plan is in place, you will feel better knowing that there is something being done.

It does sound like she will be dx'd as Stage IV, but PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT LISTEN TO STATISTICS!! I recommend not even asking for a time line. I was told 12 months tops and here I am almost 29 months later, feeling pretty good and I just had another stable scan two days ago!! Your mom is not a statistic, she is an individual. Being told that you only have a short time is so negative and is so hard on the patient. She needs to fight like hell and not give up, ever!!!

Please continue to come here with any questions you may have. And, of course, keep us updated on how you and your mom are doing.

Your mom is lucky to have you by her side.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Please, please dont go searching for "how long". Speaking from someone who just lost her mom a month ago to this horrible disease, it is very very important to only focus on helping her through this and making every day the best possible. We did not want any timelines from the doctors (although some gave it pretty freely without even asking for it, unforunately) Every doctor that offered that information had a different estimate. We finally told them we no longer wanted to hear that from them because all it did was have us in a panic. Please know that there so many people out there that beat the odds and your mom is no different. You have to believe that and continue on from this day forward in that mind set. Give her hope every day and reassurance that you will be right by her side.

Thinking of you and your family.....

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