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what to expect?

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We got mom home from the hospital. She is bed-ridden at this point, too weak to get up, and has a compression fracture in her back. Not sure what to expect now. The doctors figure the cancer is progressing and the last 3 round of chemo she has received since Jan have not helped. Her family dr thought she might only have 2-3 weeks. She has good days and bad. Very confused at times. I don't know if that is the disease or the meds? She thinks she is getting better and will rebound to get out of bed again. I am very confused, not knowing what to expect. I have taken leave from work to stay with mom & dad and help out. I feel like I am already getting tuckered out, as I am 8 months pregnant. Hoping mom makes it to see the baby!

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Hi there. Well if she thinks she is going to bounce back then that is a good sign. She is at least still in fighting spirits and I am sure you are supporting her in that. It's also good to hear that you are taking extra time to be with her. I am sure she very much appreciates that. Lots of prayers that she continues to fight and gets to see her grandchild. Take care


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Is the information that you are getting JUST from a family doc?? I would wonder about that since they are not necessarily that skilled with cancer. Besides, you should NEVER listen to time frames and statistics - they are usually way off base!!

Hoping she continues to get better and please remember to take care of yourself and that little baby!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi J. I am sorry I missed this earlier.

I'm sorry to hear of the progression but it seems your mom still has some fight in her and it's good that she is not giving up. I am sending positive vibes and prayers your way for the strength to make it through.

Congratulations on your upcoming child. My daughter is also 8 months pregnant and I know how stressful it can be while trying to be a caregiver as well.

Take care and remember to take time for yourself.


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