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A strange little update


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Hi all -

I pop in here about every 3 months to just write down my mom's status. Maybe it's helpful to someone, right?

Mom was diagnosed with SCLC 2 years ago and well, you can read all the details below if you like. The interesting development is that after a couple rounds of second line chemo for a recurrence back in Oct., the doctor had my mom go with no treatment for 2 months to see what happened. Well, her tumor only enlarged a little bit. Doc says her cancer isn't really acting like SCLC. She's tossing around the idea that possibly my mom's biopsy from 2 years ago (center nodes) *was* SCLC, but that the tumor (lower left lung) might be NSCLC or some other "mutant" variety. Not sure. Strange, eh?

I think this doctor is pretty smart; I like this approach. She's putting my mom on one round of NSCLC drug Taxol to see what happens.

Other than that, I feel like she/we are blessed that her health has been fantastic over these last 2 years. If she didn't tell you, you'd never know she had cancer.

Praying for all of us!


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Read the original post about the possibility of a different dx - fascinating. Having a doctor who questions previous results of tests, and keeps an eye on things is to be treasured.

So glad your Mom's scans are stable, and that she is tolerating the Taxol well.

Thank you for updating us, Linda. It's good to see things going along and favorably so. :)

Wishing you and Mom continued success.


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Interest twist in your mom's diagnosis. Best news is she's doing well. Yes, your posts updating your mom's situation do help. I for one have an odd-ball case myself. Don't know if my doctors are capable of thinking outside the box or not. Best wishes that your mom continues to improve. Keep us posted.

Judy in Key West

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