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In November 2007 I had a ULL and also had surgery on right side at the same time but nothing was found. In other words I was cut on both sides, full not VATS. I have started to experience soreness in my sternum area near the cartilage. Not real pain but tightness and pulling sensation. The cartilage in the middle of my chest is tender to the touch sometimes and seems to protrude. I thought maybe it was because both sides of ribs were spread. I walk on the treadmill daily for 30 minutes and no breathing problems. my scans have been clean. Anybody have ideas? Thanks

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I had an ULL last April, in the center of my chest where the end of my ribs are? They are also slightly tender if I push on them. Like you I just figured it was because the doctor went in between my ribs and spread them. That's all I know, but as always check with you Doc.


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I wish I could tell you that completely goes away in time, but I'd be lying. I had my lower and mid lobe removed from my right lung six years ago and STILL have tenderness in the area. I guess my ribs will never forgive me for the assault, but I can live with it. Mind you, I didn't say I never complain... ;)

If you are concerned about the degree of your pain, speak with your doctor. It's probably nothing but discomfort, but peace of mind is important.

Good luck,


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