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Hi everyone,

Not too much change with my Pop-Pop, but I guess I just needed to vent. He is at home on oxygen 24 hours a day. I have not seen him in 2 weeks and Wow...he went from walking around the room, to not being able to get up, or talk with out taking long breaths in between words. The saddest part, was my little brother flew in from Iowa to see him. My brother is in Chiropractic school out there, so he only comes home on holiday's. It was so sad watching my brother say goodbye to him yesterday. As much as I believe in miracles and cures, my brother and I also have to think realistically. The Doctor's have basically told us that he is not a candidate for surgery, I.V Chemo, or radiation. Wednesday, he is having the "Big" meeting with all of his Doctor's to see what is next. He was on the Tarceva for only 3 days last time, and they believe that it might have been the Tarceva that brought back his pneumonia. I am just really sad right now. People keep telling me how fortunate my PopPop is that he has lead such a long and healthy life, but those words do not comfort me at this moment. Everytime my cell phone rings, and I see it is from a family member, my heart skips a beat. Sorry for rambling on, but I feel better when I get things off my chest. When I talk about them, I tend to cry, but when I write things down, I can step back and look at the big picture, and fight back the tears........

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I'm sorry to hear about your Pop Pop. I recently lost my Mom and something a friend did for me has really helped. She had some voice mail messages from my Mom and tape recorded them for me. I really cherish those messages, when I'm missing her really bad. I know you are already cherishing each moment you have with your Dad. That being said this cancer thing is odd, people you think don't have an ice cubes chance are alive years later, people you think have some time are gone very shortly. Don't give up on your Pop Pop yet! Sending prayers your way!


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Hi there. Go ahead and vent...this is the place to do it. This disease is just awful for all involved, patients and family members. And it is just so unfair sometimes to have to go through it all. But we do, and we just take it one day at a time and keep hoping beyond hope that things will improve. And sometimes they do. So prayers that your pop pop improves and that all are able to enjoy the more positive moments with him now. Take care


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