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Hi! This is my first post here and I am really confused.

My grandmother was diagnosed in January with NSCLC. They did a multiple tests including CT Scans and a Pet Scan. They found out the cancer spread to her liver and kidneys. She just had her 2nd Kemo treatment 2 weeks ago when she stated feeling sick and lost her voice. She went to the emergency room and they thought it was an infection. She was not getting better so she went to an ENT specialist who said something was wrong with her larynx. She ended up getting admitted to the hospital because she was dehydrated and falling over.

Since she was there I have heard so many things of what is going on and I don't understand. I feel like one doctor says one thing and one says another. She has been there since Friday and I was with her some of the day Saturday and Sunday. Fortunately enough my brother is with her almost around the clock.

Well, the latest is that she has a slight phenomena on the lung where the tumor is. Her lung has now so they collapsed and they went to go in and put a stent in but are not sure if they can. She also has a very scratchy voice because supposedly the tumor in her lung has spread the nerves and has now paralyzed her vocal cords.

I feel that I just found out this horrible news and now she does not have much time left. I feel this is all I talk about and it consumes so much of me... She wants to stop the kemo and I don't think she will have long left...

Has anyone gone through a simialr situation??

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Hi Leslie. I am so sorry to hear about your grandma. I am sure you are very scared and it is not surprising that you think about it all the time. It has all happened very fast but do not give up hope. Just take it one day at a time. Hopefully they can stabilize her in the hospital and get her feeling better. Then potential further treatment can be discussed. Most importantly, like you are doing already, is to spend quality time with her.

I am glad you found this site. It is full of kind people who get what you are going through. And we are all here for you, with whatever question you have or just for support.

Please keep us posted on how you and your grandma are doing.


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It is consuming but its Your Moms Life you are talking about so of course its overwhelming..

The chemo should work but she has to give it time. I said Should and remember there are other chemos available for treatments. Not just one type of chemo. Do you know which one it is by chance?? Sometimes it takes a couple of treatments do be effective. The pneumonia can be treated with Antibiotics and dehydration is rest and LOTS OF FLUIDS!!

Remember sometimes the hospital is the best place to be to recover and feel better. Just takes some time of course. Question everything the doctors say make sure you understand what they are doing. Remember there is always a second opinion.

Now the vocal chords. My wife had same problem and that was they found she had cancer. The tumor wrapped around her vocal cords. She did not lose her voice but it became very raspy until treatments started to work and Tumor Shrank.. Then she was fine untill tumor started growing again.

Hugs and Prayers for the family right now and my parting advice for the moment is to look in the Inspiration and Good news Forums They are full of hope and Inspiration of course..

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Often, because peopel only find out about Lung Cancer when there are complications, there can be a lot of things going on and it is hard to straighten out.

Doctors will also sometimes tell you different things depending on what they do...which can add to the, lack of a better term, chaos.

And yes, it is all consuming at first...I'm sure many here can relate. hang in there.

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Hi Leslie. I'm sorry to hear about your grandma. I hope she has stabilized by now and is doing better. I pray for strength for you in the days ahead.

Keep us posted on how you and your grandma are doing.


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