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I suppose it was good news


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Hi Friends, I thought I better check in and see how everyone is doing. I had mt CT/PT scan last Monday. On Tuesday morning my oncologist (The one I clash with) must have had a change of heart and had one of the nurses call me to tell me is was perfectly normal. She usually likes to keep the suspence going until you have an appointment which wouldn't have been until Thursday. So On Thursday I go in for my forth chemo treatment and to see the dear doctor first. I told her I really appreciated getting that call, it eased my mind so very much. She didn't have much to say except that "well sometimes she gets the time to read a report and get back to the patient". I have been with her going on three years now and this was a first. Anyway what better news can you get than from your eyes to your thighs you are cancer free? I didn't even get a chance to enjoy it before she announced that after I finish my six rounds of Chem she will be putting me on Terserva. Now I have read horror stories about this pill and I am not looking forward to having to take it . I asked her how long she expected to keep me on it and her reply was "UNTIL THE CANCER COMES BACK" As usual I left the office teary eyed I am really gettting to dispise this women. Seems she can't let me leave her office without making some kind of comment to break me down. Hate is not in my volcabulary but it seems like it will be soon. I have been talking to a doctor friend and he has suggested that I finish up my treatments at this cancer center and than run to find a new doctor. He said to get a lung specialist and just make an appointment for a sit down consultation. If you remember they got my pathology wrong and I asked that it be corrected. I went from a T2N1MX to a T4N0MX which restaged me as a 3B. Big deal. However, they never changed the lymph node involement on Page 3 so it contradicts itself when you get to page 4. I have had it. Good thing I have you guys to sound off to, Thanks for listening.

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Yes, that's excellent news. "From your eyes to your thighs you are cancer free" has a very nice ring to it!

But I agree that it's time for a new onc. That sort of stress cannot be helpful. And be sure to let us know when you're about ready to go on Tarceva — we have plenty of tips to help you control the side effects. Aloha,


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Glad you had a good scan - congratulations!!!

Now, on the other subject, I would RUN not walk to another oncologist!! Your doc is supposed to be on YOUR side and helping you, not bringing you down.

Good luck and please keep us posted!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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