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Getting to Know You - Thursday, March 26


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Given how long I've lived, there are MANY dumb purchases competing for this honor. :wink: But the dumbest has to be my first car. It was a 1963 Rambler American convertible, which I bought in 1965 for $600. Why it was dumb: (1)There are about 3 days/year when you want to drive with the top down in NYC, where I was living. (2)It took about 45 minutes to get the top down or up. (3)It ate more carburetors than gas. (4)Every time you took your foot off the accelerator, it would stall (See 3.) (5)Left turns were a special thrill. (See 4.) (6)The first time I got gas, the attendant (yeah, there were attendants in those days) 'cleaned' the rear so-called window with a stiff paper towel, thereby scratching the plastic completely and making it thenceforth opaque. Oh well. The scrap metal dealer gave me $50 for it when he towed it away in 1968.

Since then, I've followed Consumer Reports and have owned a '68 Plymouth Valiant (for 11 years), a '79 Toyota Corona (for 6 years), an '85 Toyota Camry (for 11 years), and a '96 Toyota RAV4 (13 years and still going). I learned my lesson -- Consumer Reports is to be read and believed. And don't buy a car because it's 'cute'.

More than you ever wanted to know... :wink:


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That's easy. After Don died, I bought my son a Harley to ease his pain. All it has done is increase mine. WHAT AN IDIOT!

Hi Ann..... It's so cool that you are still doing the Getting to Know You. It's been a long time. Drop me a PM and let me know how you're doing.



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There are so many stories, but I can't tell them without offending family members, so I'll just stay moot.

Mark and I did, however, get suckered on one of those "vacations" that end up costing out the butt and never seem to work into the schedule so don't get taken ($1200). Yeah. Now we are on this MARVELOUS invention called a "no call" list. Phone sure is quiet, kinda makes a person feel unloved - and rich! LOL

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