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15 months today!

Ellen in PA

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Hi folks. Today is 15 months since I was diagnosed with Stage 4 adenocarcinoma. Still feel fine, still very happy that I refused chemo and chest radiation.

Please, no need to congratulate me -- all I did was not die. :wink: I just wanted to let people know that refusing chemo/rad is not an immediate death sentence.


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Please, no need to congratulate me...

Maybe no need, but congratulations anyway! I think you've got yourself one of those "indolent" cancers that Dr. West talks about. My onc started using that term about my adenocarcinoma a couple of months ago — but I hesitate to tell anybody since many people would hear "insolent" and have their suspicions confirmed. :P


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Okay, Ellen, no big congrats or anything ~ just want to say I'm so glad to have gotten to know you. I think that alone calls for celebration of some sort. And BTW......how old were you this year??? What day did you eat cake? For those who don't now, Ellen is a leap year baby. I think she's somewhere around 16 or so!

:wink: ,


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Hi Ellen. Well I am going to congratulate you and the brave choices that you made. I also wanted to say that I have enjoyed getting to know you a bit on this site. You have a unique perspective and you are also sometimes just too funny! I enjoy reading your posts and the smiles they sometimes bring to my face. Keep it up...living and being you!


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Aw, shucks, thanks everyone! It's been great getting to know yiz* as well!

*'Yiz' is Philadelphia-ese for "y'all".

Kasey, if you must know, I'm now 16 1/4. Aka 65, gag barf. (But better than the alternative, as they say.) No cake (I'm still following Atkins, except at Kildare's) but we went to a big-splurge steak restaurant that we'd never gone to before. Mmmm.

Ned, yup, indolent is just fine! I've been lazy all my life so it figures. One funny thing -- at my last onc visit, the resident saw me first, as usual. He was a new one and read my file and said three or four times, with increasing disgust/annoyance, 'Boy, you have a WEIRD cancer! Boy, this is WEIRD!' Of course, I couldn't resist and finally said, 'Gee, I'm sorry. Bad for business, huh?'

Thanks again, everyone. Here's to us ALL celebrating when I'm 16 1/2 next year!


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Hi Ellen,

OK, no congrats, but staying alive sure beats the alternative.

Of course, we are the winners having you post and be here for what we need so in our lives - other ways of thinking, including humor.

I always notice your posts. They are part of my "must reads." 8)

Here's to indolence,


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