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The AMAZING power of love


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Today is the hardest day for me since my Dad passed. Today is my Birthday and the first one in 39 years that I have not spent it with my Dad.

I am just lying around all depressed today and there is a knock at the door.....hhmmmm....go to the door to find a man holding a dozen of roses with my name on it. On the card - "with love from Heaven" IN MY DAD"S writing!!!! I called the florist in tears - my Dad ordered these March 30th last year - 2 days before he went into the hospital for the last time.

I begged him for a sign this morning - love never fails....

Just needed to share .....


Dad - I miss you more than yesterday - but not as much as tomorrow.....

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I know how close you and your dad were - what a wonderful birthday present he sent you!!! Your post made me cry - but happy tears for you!! You know he will ALWAYS be looking down on you!!!

I'm so glad you had this to make your birthday special!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

P.S. - Lunch next week??? PM me and we will set a date!!

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