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30 Months and Counting!!!

Patti B

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Hi all-

Today marks 30 months (2 1/2 years) since my official diagnosis. I am on my 5th line of chemo with more options to go and feeling pretty darn good!!!

Please let this be a message to all the newly diagnosed survivors and their caregivers - PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO STATISTICS OR TIMELINES!!! My doc told me 12 months tops!!! And here I am, still annoying the heck out of my friends and family!!! :shock::shock:

This has been one hell of a roller coaster ride so far and so many of you have helped me through some lousy times so I thank you all.

Meet you all at the Pub - I am DEF buying as many rounds as you all can drink. Oh, and an extra round for Tom who is also celebrating a milestone today!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Yeah Patti! You go girl! Keep on showing those darn docs and annoying your family and friends! The world is a better place for it!

And even better, you are feeling so darn good. That is such a blessing.

And yes, I can drink a fair bit as well and make it a nice bottle of merlot please!

Congrats again my friend


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YAY, Patti!!! This is a celebration that I don't want to miss. I would love to help you and Tom celebrate. I'll take Miller Lite, please or whatever is in stock as long as it's celebrating such wonderful milestones and onward to MANY MANY more..... You go girl!!! What an inspiration you are.



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Patti, I had to come out of "lurking" status to congratulate you and join you and all your well-wishers in the pub for a drink! 30 months is great but you feeling "pretty darn good" is the best. You had a rough time there for awhile and had us worried, but you came through it with flying colors. All the best girl!

Judy in Key West

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Wow, Patti!!!!! Sorry it's taken so long to get to the Pub. Not many folks stopping by lately! Hopefully all the stools will be filled upon hearing your great news. I'll be the first to raise a glass in celebration. I know the feeling of outliving an expiration date. This is the 5th spring I've seen flowers - wasnt' supposed to see ANY of them! Lucky us. Here's to 30 more months, and 30 more months, and 30 more months until we are both such old women we can't count them anymore.


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Congratulations Patti!!!!

That is a great milestone to reach and I am sure you will reach many more. You are a great inspiration for so many people on here and has always been a great friend to me.

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A big congratulations Patty.....Don't worry girlfriend....you have plenty and plenty more months/years to go....

I love when doctor's give you a time and they are way off base....They should shut the he** up when it comes to that...cause THEY DON'T KNOW!!!!!....only 'THE BIG MAN UPSTAIRS KNOWS.....

So live your life honey and let God guide you all the way...


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