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I would like some other opinions


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I am very new to this forum. I will learn the rules as I go (I hope) but right now am just trying to become a member of this unique group. I am diagnosed stage four, both lungs, lymph glands, and had a lobectomy in 2006.

Kaiser is telling me that I can get chemo as a palliative treatment, but other than that I have about a year.

Anybody have any experience with this situation?

I would appreciate the help very much, my daughter is having a real problem with no hope of a cure.

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My husband was given four months and lived well over 5 years -- so first forget that one year prognosis. Almost every member here was given one that was not accurate. Don't get hung up on the word "cure" you can get your cancer stable and live with lung cancer.

Please let us know which treatments you've had so we can help. Have they tried you on Tarceva yet?

Welcome to our group--


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Hi Mike-

Welcome to this group altho I am sorry you had the need to find us.

DON'T LISTEN TO STATISTICS!!!! I was told if I was lucky 12 months and yesterday was my 30 month mark - with more options still to go. I have been on chemo the whole time - am on my 5th line treatment and feeling good.

If you don't like what Kaiser is telling you - see if you can get a second opinion!! As Ry said, they may not be able to cure it, but they can manage it. Just like diabetes or heart conditions!!

Good luck and please keep us updated on how things are going for you.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi Mike and welcome. Sorry for your need to find us but glad you did. There are many knowledgeable kind members here willing to share information and help in any way we can.

As others have said, don't listen to your doc's prognosis. None of us are statistics and many of us here have outlived those statistics by a mile.

Yes, at stage 4, all treatments are considered palliative. And that means not curative. But palliative treatments can be very successful in shrinking tumours or keeping them stable for a very long time. Some here have likened those treatments to treating other chronic non-curable diseases. We just have to live with it and manage it the best we can. And hope for the best. Please remember, there is always HOPE and it is that hope that keeps many of us in positive fighting spirits for a long time.

Please keep us posted on your treatment plan and how you are doing.


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Hi Mike -

First of all - don't worry too much about the rules! We are just glad you found us!

Next - as the others have said - don't listen to the statistics - I am stage 4 also and 27 months ago I was told I wouldn't make it a year. The first thing I did with that prognosis was find another doctor! My oncologist treats my cancer as a chronic condition - we will just keep on treating it and when that treatment fails - we will try something else.

There is always hope!

you are in my prayers


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Mike, if you really want to get this group going, mention you doctor gave you a timeline for your disease! That's a real no-no in our book. We have too many people who have as Patti famously said, "I've exceeded my expiration date." I remember reading that when I came on site. Eighteen months out from Stage IIIb, Stage IVa in the new staging system, I'll never forget it.

Tell your daughter to read on this site and she'll understand. THEY DON'T KNOW.

Judy in Key West

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