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Dad would have been 67 years old today


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and that's no joke- he was an April fools baby! I think he is sending jokes our way...

Went to cemetary last night (as we knew today would be rainy here) and released balloons. There are four grandsons (11, 9, 6, 4) - quite entertaining when they are all together. Two balloons got stuck in the power lines and the 4 y/o said "I'll go get them" and darted off toward the road. So my sister darted off after him. My 9 y/o knocked my other son's balloon off into the wind before he was ready so they started squabbling (the norm for them). the 6 y/o enthusiastically sang Happy Birthday for all the world to hear. Dad always sat back and chuckled at all that chaos.

Then at 12:30AM - my 11 y/o son's alarm clock accidentally went off so that gave us a good scare and we were fumbling around trying to figure out what was needing to be turned off. I was wide awake for a while after that so I have had some good quiet time of smiles, tears and reflection (albeit in the dark).

I am thankful to have had a great Dad and a fun "papa" to the boys.

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Sounds like your family had a birthday celebration that would have made your Dad proud. I'm sure he was watching & smiling!

I would the 12:30 alarm as Dad's approval of the day. We've had 2 similar things late night electrical appliance items (stereo & baby toys) go off since my Dad died and we've looked at both as signs from him.


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