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Did you do something special?


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I was reading an update from Amie about her mom in hospice. She spoke about making scrapbooks and gathering pictures, etc.. a wonderful and loving and memorable thing to do with your family- and to leave to your family.

With both my parents, the end happen unexpectedly so there wasn't a plan or that time together. I spent 8-11 days just holding their hands and talking with them while they were in comas....

Did you do a memorable thing with your loved one before they passed away? Maybe a trip or vacation or scrapbooking or a special home video? Share with us

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Alan and I took a trip to New York City a place he always wanted to go.

I have a picture of him with the biggest smile on his face when we went

to the top of the Empire State building. Alan had just finished radiation to his

brain, and was tired for parts of the trip. We saw a play on broadway, did the

carriage ride around central park. That trip will be in my heart and memory forever.

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This will sound weird....but we did a Mediterranean Cruise and a week in Tuscany...before he was diagnosed. Something forced me to book that trip...and it was the trip of a lifetime. Shortly after returning home, Jim was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and only lived 4 more months. I am so happy to have those memories. And I know why I was pushed to take that trip.......Divine inspiration....

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I think we had a lot of little moment before my parents passed away.

I threw my parents an anniversary party with all their life-long friends three weeks before my dad passed away. At the time I did not know he had such a short time left- so i will always be thankful that party happened.

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Like Katie, Dennis and I did a lot of little things that were very special. Those last months gave us lots of nice, quiet time together and we poured out our hearts and talked about things we had never spoken of before. During those last months, I learned more about Dennis, when he was a teenager, than I ever knew. Also, on his 50th birthday, in June, I threw him a humongous birthday party and had all of his friends there. It was a beautiful day. I have so many pictures and beautiful memories from that day!!!

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