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7 keys to surviving cancer


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The seven keys to surviving cancer

Posted Nov 15, 2008 3:01pm by Stage4Survivor


Presented To Everyone

1. Believe with all of your heart and soul that you can defeat this affliction.

2. Never allow the clouds of despair to overwhelm the light of hope.

3. Try to maintain a positive point of view especially during moments of extreme anxiety and people will enthusiastically respond to your determination and courage. Humanity has always liked a fighter.

4. Express true concern for others, it will have an amazing healing effect on you.

5. Never worry too much about the situation at hand because if this is allowed to take place it will surely trap you in waves of despair and then put you through hopeless fits of self-pity. Instead, try to break down each difficulty into smaller manageable parts and conquer each one before moving onto the next… At first it may seem that everything that you’ve overcome may appear to be really nothing at all, but be firm in your beliefs and convictions.

6. Have no doubt about your recovery because doubt is like cancer, an infection that quickly spreads to consume a person’s mind, body, and soul.

7. Bring under control everything that would hold you back and prevail over all things that would stand in your way. You’ll then be amazed by the progress. Strive to keep this in mind: “All things are possible if you have the fight, the fire, the will, and desire.”

Written by

Paul Brian Newman

A stage 4 cancer survivor

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To each their own.

This forum is for posting inspirational things and messages for others.

I just came across this and thought I'd share!

Take it or leave it or better yet, post your own passage!!!


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Thanks for posting this Katie. It IS inspirational and I plan to print it and put it on the fridge for my husband to read. These are the kinds of things that keep him going and keep him positive. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in posting this to help others. You have succeeded. :) My husband is also Stage IV and I pray to one day also call him a Stage IV survivor! He is sure trying!


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I meant my last post as a funny comment to suggest everyone to post their own inspirational posts...

it was NOT intended to come off as sarcastic or mean in anyway. If you know me, you know I am NOT like that.

Just wanted to clarify in case anyone got the wrong impression..

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