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An update:

I have been going to a Cyberknife support group (not nearly as good as this group!!) and the patients are telling me information in direct contradiction to what the docs here in Tucson and the docs in Phoenix (who did the procedure) have told me: When a spinal tumor is cyberknifed there is considerable pain afterward due to inflammation in such a confined space! As the radiation works, there is more inflammation. This radiation, like other radiation, can take a very long time to complete its mission---up to, and more than, a year!! (No wonder ibuprophen works so well for my pain!!)

I had a doc here suggest I go back to my neurosurgeon and have him go thru my back to get out more tumor. Sorry. This is just plain stupid. I will give the Cyberknife the time it needs!!!!

Just telling you all this to show just how proactive a cancer patients has to be!!!


PS. Has anyone here had Cyberknife? I'm told the software has yet to be written for lung cancer, BUT IT IS COMING!!!!!

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