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Long Time...No Notes


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Greetings to all my LCSC friends. (I even gave up Facebook for lent, so those of you I connected with there, I miss you!!)

This week is Dad's check-up. This will have been the longest wait time between check-ups, and I HATE that. It sucks. We go into this one pretty nervous...only because it has been so long and Dad has had a bit of bronchitis these last few months. He did have a chest X-ray with the bronchitis, and the small-town docs said it looks "better than it did three years ago when you were here." So...there is a bit of solace in that, but not a ton, as they aren't veterans at looking at my dad's lungs.

Anyway...of course I ask for prayers. It has been such a horribly hard year for my family, with the loss of my sister. I can't imagine what we would do if this check-up has any issues. So...doulbe up for me, please!!

Blessings to you alll,


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Hey Jen,

I don't have your Dad's long term track record "yet", but when I went for my first 3 month scans after chemo, my ONC was soooo excited I thought she was going to strart jumping up and down. She told me that with small cell, it usually comes back right away if it's going to and the longer you remain cancer free the safer you are! Prayer for Dad on the way!


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Oh crap Jen, the elephant's come out of the corner again. Just think how many times you've fretted over scans and all for naught.

My elephant still comes into the center of the room at test time but I've learned to walk around him....big as he is he can't get rid of NED so don't let him make you crazy.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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Hi Jen, good to see your smiling face!

Of course I will send prayers and keep everything crossed here. I know the anguish of test time.... sucks. Good luck, I want to hear good news!

Maryanne :wink:

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