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The bus stopped here...


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Barb, thanks for sharing! And that's a lovely picture.

Judy, Misty is a Miniature Pinscher and they were bred centuries ago in Germany to hunt vermin in kitchens and barns. (I guess they had other breeds for living rooms and bedrooms. ;) ) Anyway, all the poor thing can do with her genes is lunge at pigeons and squirrels in downtown Philadelphia, all the while restrained by her leash. Animal lovers should feel sorry for her. Small flightless birds are just what the doctor ordered. :lol:

Muriel, maybe your retrievers can retrieve Misty if Judy gets too upset. :)


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Okay, okay now......time for me to jump in. First of all, Barb, MY name is Kasey spelled exactly the same way as your dog. Don't you think that will get folks just a little mixed up? So ONE of us must make a change and it's NOT going to be ME. I think maybe Brutus of Fang would do.

Next, you all can see Teddy in my avatar. Judy, you met him and know he would NEVER hurt a baby chick, so he's IN for sure. I have vision problems so can't help drive the bus, BUT I have supervised hudreds of field trips on school buses filled with 12 year olds, so I can be in charge of discipline AND what and how many songs can be sung.

Finally, Ellen, I think Teddy and Misty will become fast friends. They have the same coloring even though Misty could probbly sit on Teddy's nose. Teddy would just LOVE her. He is the star of our neighborhood.

Barb, let me know what name you pick for you doggie :wink: !


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Kasey, I named her after Kasey Kahne the Nascar driver!! When she's in trouble I yell "Kasey Kahne you get over here"! I have also been known to call her " Zwingy", with a "hard" g sound. Rod used to use that word! So that will be her name. I'll try to add a photo, she's lovely.


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Becky, how are those classes coming? Ann, I have an idea. I'm heading up to Orlando and could pick you up in the RV and take you on up to Becky's. You could drive the bus to WI, Canada and Seattle and then back to Becky to continue the trip northeast. I'm sure they'll give you a leave of absence for such an important event!!!???!!!

Judy in Key West

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