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Update on Bill's CT Scan Chest and Neck


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This will be a quick rundown. Bill will need another scan (MRI) of the shoulder.

The CT scans came back STABLE in chest/lungs. Nothing different since last September, 2008. The lone neck nodule grew twice the size from 11 mm to 22 mm. (I call that a rogue node.)

The neck nodule will be addressed either by surgery, or by RFA (I am hoping for radiofrequency ablation). Radiation was already applied to that area two years ago, so that's a no go.

The end determination was to have Bill retake the Tarceva. He has been off it for one week. It seems to have done the trick on the chest area, holding everything stable there.

As to the shoulder, and the need for an MRI, is that it has NOT shown up on CT scan, although it gives Bill reason be in bit of discomfort in that area.

Of course, it could have been missed (that can happen with scans), but at any rate, it will be looked into more closely.

It could be "something," or it could be a problem with the muscle. Either way, we do want to know.

Bill began the Tarceva again this morning. I told our daughter, Jeanne, about the results, and her take on the whole thing was that it was mainly good news. We tend to lean in that direction, too.

I read our copy of the results, as well, and I don't see anything different than our oncologist saw.

Sorry this has become more lengthy, but I know there are things to ponder, and so many of you out there are following test results thread.

I had been updating in "Bill's Story," but thought it proper to bring it here for perusal, and your opinions.

Love you all,and ask for prayers. My belief is that they are most powerful, and hope you will remember Bill in your thoughts and prayers.

He will be going for the MRI in a few days.



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Hi Barb,

Does seem like good results! I hope they get that tumor to shrink or dissapear and the Tarceva helps towards that goal. Also I hope they can use the RFA.

I know you will keep us posted. Please know that I am thinking of you both.


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That does on balance sound like mostly good news Barb. And that as usual you guys are on top of everything. You are both so vigilant. Best of luck in getting back on the Tarceva and for upcoming tests. My continued prayers are with you both


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As to the shoulder, and the need for an MRI, is that it has NOT shown up on CT scan, although it gives Bill reason be in bit of discomfort in that area. Of course, it could have been missed (that can happen with scans), but at any rate, it will be looked into more closely.

Most of my CT Chest images, at least the more detailed ones, cut off at the top of the shoulder and include very little of the neck. Though if Bill's scan was CT Chest and Neck, it seems that they should have all included that area. Maybe they didn't for some reason, but an MRI ought to provide good info.

Happy to hear things are stable in the chest and Bill is going back on Tarceva. From your other writeup it appears the side effects were very tolerable. Will be looking for your update on the neck MRI. Aloha,


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Hello All,

The one thing "our" oncologist told us was that he didn't think that giving another chemo regimen would be a good thing at this point, considering that the only thing to pop up on the scan was that node. We concur.

Of course, I am thinking, "What if the shoulder is another branch of cancer?"

What is bugging me is that shoulder. I know that has been an issue in the past. My silly hope is that it will be something that is an outcropping of past radiation, and not a "new issue."

I will give you guys an update on things. Bill knows that I am writing this into the thread, and he does believe that it is important for anybody going for scans and has been dealing with lung cancer for many treatments later.

A friend of mine, from childhood, another Barbara, lost her husband last Saturday morning from esophageal cancer. He was treated at Sloan, and he put up a very brave battle. IMO, he didn't lose. He went to the Arms of God - still most painful to lose him.

Bill felt terribly about that. We knew her when we were little kids in the Bronx (Highbridge).

Cancer is all-too-common. It should be something more easily treated, and a cause for far-less anxiety.

Love you all, and thank you each for your really warm and perceptive responses.


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Barbara, I think you and Bill are just amazing. It sounds as if things are moving along in the right direction. Now I hope that neck nodule gets taken care of properly and you two can on with things for a bit. About the shoulder thing - I have pain ALL the time there. Could it possibly be due to nerve involvement? That's the issue with me. Wouldn't that be an easy diagnosis. Of course there isn't anything much to do about it, but as long as it's not cancer we'll take it, right?

Best of luck and give that Bill a supportive hiug for me, will ya?


PS: How far away is Bergen County, NJ from King of Prussia, PA? It would be great if you'd consider coming to one of our luncheons. Fred and I travel an hour to get there. Of course it could be WAY far, but wanted to put it out there for consideration.

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Thank you for the responses, Kasey, Joe, and Katie.

The wonderful thing about this board is the ability to share concerns. My baggage has been lightened hugely.

Kasey, I don't know how far Bergen County is from King of Prussia, Pa. Hopefully, things will go a bit less heavy-duty and that idea could be a reality.

We haven't traveled much in the past couple of months. Just yesterday, we went food shopping for the first time in a few weeks (except for local items - bread, milk - and ordering out). We both looked as though we were shopping for the neighborhood. The woman in back of us on line remarked on the wait she was forced to endure. :P

If I don't ever make a luncheon please know it isn't due to my/our aloofness. It's due to our living in doctors' offices. :lol:

Love you,


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I concur, sounds like mostly good news to me. Thanks for the update and we'll all be waiting for the MRI results. You and Bill are in my thoughts. Am sending much healing energy your way and wishes for a clear MRI.

Judy in Key West

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Thank you very much, Sue. We both appreciate that.

When we go over to the Radiology Group, we will be carrying all the good thoughts and prayers from all the posting in reply.

We will be well fortified. :) As we all know, it helps to go with a bundle of support.

I have certainly received that here. What a wonderful group all of you are.


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