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What do you think of this...grrrrr


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Hi guys and gals....

Remember last week I posted in good news that I got the results from my chest exray....and it was NORMAL...well today I had my appointment with my surgeon and he read the report and then looked at the exray's and said he wanted me to do a Ct/Scan...I said 'what for'...he showed me the exray and said..The radioligist seems to think it's OK but I have to make sure and I could see it better on a Ct/Scan...grrrr....He said he thinks i't OK too but he has to make sure He showed me the exray and showed me a light area and said it may be do to the respiratory infection that I had weeks ago and still have some of it....

So I have to go in 2 weeks to make sure this cold is all gone....BTW...the report read...

Finding's: No significant change from previous study on 02/04/08/ the heart is normal and there is minimal thickening of the right lung base is noted compatible with previous surgery...

The left lung is clear....

Impression:stable chest..

Soooo what cha think....


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I think these docs should be shot for what they put us though!!! Granted, its great that he is being proactive and wants to make sure everything is OK, but why weren't you told this last week????? They did that to me once, too, told me my brain scan was clear but then called back a WEEK later to say they wanted to do a repeat one.....what the hell is wrong with these guys!!!!!

Now, from what you wrote that the radiologist said, it does look like things are pretty good BUT I do believe they all need to take a class in Dealing with People 101!!! Do they not know what this does to us?????

I will be having my fingers, toes, eyes, everything possible crossed for a great scan for you. Keep us posted!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Thanks Patti..

I do believe the doc's got to get there ch't together....I was really sheduled for my ct/scan in Oct by the onc which he shedules for every year..but since the surgeon pushed it up I called the onc's office and told them I will be cancelling the Cat in Oct cause I am taking one in two weeks and I'll be damned if I'm gonna take another one a few months away...I told the onc's secratary to tell the doctor I will bring him the results from this one and not to shedule one for another yr so both the surgeon and the onc could use the same one...I'm not a freaking ginue pig..damnit!!!!!!!

And of course that is if everything is alright....sigh...I HATE THIS...

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I agree with Kasey -- it's GOOD to have a doctor who actually studies the scans and thinks about them. My only question for him would be why he didn't order a CT-scan in the first place, given that they give a much clearer picture of things than x-rays -- but maybe he was constrained by your insurance policy to start with an x-ray. Try to relax -- easier to say, of course. Good luck.


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I think that you have a damn good surgeon to follow up on your x-ray the way that he did. It probably is nothing to be concerned about, but it sure is good to have a follow-up and know for sure. My surgeon and oncologists used to disagree about my scan results. I felt that was great because they were arguing about what was best for ME. That being said, I know the aniety that you are going through right now. Please just try to stay calm and I will be praying for you.


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