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Joe B

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I think that having triplets is fantastic. If it were not for my being "clueless," I would post on the link given. :shock:

I "went there," but didn't have a hint as how to post.

My childhood was spent with my brother and sister (twins). They are three years younger than I.

That was back when having multiples was a bit more of a rarity.

My mother had a baby coach carriage that was yay wide, and after that, a wicker stroller, to boot.

Either carriage took up half the sidewalk when strolling in the Bronx. (I think it gave my mother a real "kick.")

She even dressed them alike. For an example, my sister in a little pink dress with lace collar, and her twin (her brother) dressed in a little pink romper with lace collar. :lol:

He grew up to be firefighter in the Bronx, and she married a policeman - civil service is in our genes. :roll:

My sister and brother have just celebrated their 71st birthday, and are in pretty derned good health.

That, I attribute to my mother being wise and allowing my grandmother to chime in with help and advice. (Sometimes, it may have been a bit too much.) :wink:

God bless you, your wife and those triplets.


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Holy estrogen, Batman! Whoa, Joe, SEVEN LADIES IN YOUR LIFE! It's like the reverse of Snow White - are you Grass Green? :wink:

How wonderfully scary for you, here's hoping they're not identical, now THAT would really make your brain hurt!

Good luck on finishing your project before the girlies decide it's time for their debut! Three babies to chase after, Gina's going to be skinny as a rail within a week of delivery, the lucky lady!

Hugs to you all,


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WOW!!!!! 7 girls and one man in one house - boy, that place is going to be dripping in estrogen!!! :shock::shock:

I have the site bookmarked so I can tag along and keep up with the progress of the girls - and of course, wishing you and Gina all the luck in the world that it is an easy delivery!!!

God bless all of you!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Joe, what fun! Can't wait to join you two in the trip. My niece has triplets--two boys and a girl but they are ten now so the hairy days are behind them. I'm sure with a support system in place, you guys will do great.

Judy in Key West

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