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LUNGevity is updating it's website!


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Yes it's true that LUNGevity is working hard to create an updated look on their website.

What this means is that the site will get a new "wrapper" with the same functions and even more user friendly.

It also means that our (LCSC) colors/graphic on the "front page" www.lungevity.org/lcsc may change as well but it WILL NOT AFFECT this message board and how it works!

Just wanted to let everyone know what to expect. It should be launching the week of the April 20th.


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Hi Katie.

Any chance we could have a global option to see threads 'Newest first'? It would really really speed up reading, esp since there's no apparent limit on the length of the sig file...

A distant second choice would be to move the thread-specific 'Newest first' command to the TOP of the thread. It really is quite useless where it is at the bottom of the thread.

Thanks for whatever you can do.


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that's something I can definitely ask about after the migration onto the newly upgraded LUNGevity site.

Right now they only plan to change the "wrapper" of the "homepage" (to match the new LUNGevity website) and just keep the message boards the same.

The administrative data I can manipulate but I can no longer change code or programming/applications etc..since I turned over ownership to LUNGevity.

I will ask tho!!

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