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Tennessee Membersand Oklahoma and texas!


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Is everyone ok out there?? i keep hearing about all the bad things and know we have members in these areas! Let us know when Ya can please??

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The dust was awful yesterday even here in the DFW area, and I could still smell smoke this morning. The real damage was miles west and northwest of here, though. My asthma isn't liking all this one bit. Of course, it didn't keep me from making a bass fishing trip to Lake Fork today, and won't keep me from my 130 mile bike ride tomorrow. The heavy rains predicted for Sunday should put out the last of the smoldering fires.

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Our ride today took us out to Forestburg, which is just 15 miles from Montague, where the worst Texas fires were. There was no fire damage to be seen on our route, though, and no smoke in the air today. The Texas governor has applied for federal disaster aid for all those who lost their homes. I hope they get it.

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