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I have Lung Cancer…Now What!


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Living with Lung Cancer does not mean one’s life stops and everyone else’s around them does also. It means a start of a new journey, a new normal and yes has forever changed and will never be the same. One can still do things, enjoy things and still have a life. How many members here who where given a poor prognosis yet lived many (with treatments) many many years later-- still able to do things and enjoy life to the fullest. How many members here have been cured of lung cancer and jump back into society with both feet? So the answer lies in each and every one of us as to how we view things, how we do things, how we choose to survive and live life.

They have come a long way with (new ones since I was first diagnosed) treatments and side effects are much more manageable. Organizations (there are others) like the LUNGevity (which fund the most promising, innovative, and impactful medical research into diagnosis, treatment, and cure of lung cancer and Provide emotional support for lung cancer survivors and their loved ones by creating community) Foundation are in the fore front. Yes there is HOPE and yes things are happening to benefit those who have been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. But we have a long way to go and can get there faster with the Lung Cancer Community as a whole stepping up to the plate no matter how big or how small to lead the way. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

There is no magic bullet, right or wrong way, its Lung Cancer 101-- you learn as you go along. Everyone is different, reacts differently and views things differently. Just because we are diagnosed with a serious disease does not mean we have to go into funeral mode or read statics and feel that there is no hope. There is always hope as long as there is life and great communities like LCSC providing priceless support, sharing and caring.

So what does living with lung (and please don’t get me wrong it is not all fun and games) cancer mean to you?

To me it means life is whatever I make it out to be. I still for the most part am (by no means the same way or as much / have slowed down, very limited/ not LC related) able to do/see things and accomplish things. I still have my hopes/dreams that I try to for fill. I’m closer now to my wife, daughter, best friend and family/friends then I ever was. I appreciate them more and life more. Lung Cancer did not take that away from me but it could have if I chosen to do nothing about it. No one knows what the future lays and what is in store for us. So why not take the bull by the horns and go for the ride of our life and at the end of our journey we can look back and say (all the doctors appointments, hospital visits, test, procedures, treatments, side effects, sleepless nights and on and on) that it was worth it because it bought me so much valuable time to be with our families/friends and still have a meaningful life with them.

I do hope this gives others hope/food for thought and I hope to hear from (person with cancer, caregiver, family, and friends, whoever) others there (positive) thoughts and feelings. I believe what gives people hope/inspiration are the members here whose experiences, stories and journey’s have gone against all statistics/odds and proven everyone wrong.

Take Care Everyone,


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Thank you Rich. You are "right on" with your post. As a past caregiver to my Dad and a current caregiver to my husband-both with stage IV lung cancer I do believe that you can either fight and do everything you can to beat this (as my husband is doing) or you can let it beat you (the way my Dad did). I don't believe my Dad realized he was letting it beat him but he did. I think with Thom more than anything, is his positive attitude and his will to live. I really believe that has alot to do with healing. Along with our faith in God and a wonderful Oncologist he is doing fine at this time and only believes he WILL GET BETTER! I will be the first to admit as a caregiver, it is not easy but, it is what we have and we have no choice but to live with it and deal with it. When you love someone it sure makes this journey a little easier. Thanks again Rich. It's nice to read others thoughts on this. Wishing you all the best and memory filled days ahead. :)


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Amen my friend.... we go back a long way. You have been through so much with not just LC but so much more. You always come out on top and I know there were times when moments of doubt crept in as we are all human. But you always bounce back.

You have a get support team in your wonderful family. I know that is the reason why LC victims fight so hard. You have to have the determination and will to fight this monster as that is the first step in staying alive. Your saying NEVER GIVE UP!!! is so true.

I want you to know that you are one of my heros. Everytime I hear you are falling you just put on those boxing gloves and start fighting. You certainly have a great team, your family and friends routing you on and helping your though those difficult tmes. You and most survivors fight for them as well themselves.

My hat goes off to you!


Take care my friend,

Maryanne :wink:

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