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Radiation update


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Hi everyone. Today I am going for my 10th (and final) radiation treatment to my spine. And I am happy to report that these treatments have done significant good in relieving the pain in my back. After about the 4th treatment I started to notice improvement and I am not reaching for breakthrough pain relief anymore. Getting to sleep at night pain free has been very very nice. Rad onc says I can expect further benefit for about a month after treatment so I am looking forward to that.

There is (was) some small chance that this radiation might twig the nerve in my back enough to help with my "dropped foot" but that hasn't happened yet. Oh well, I will just continue to pray for that and be glad that I have gotten the pain relief I have.

I met with my med onc yesterday and we discussed waiting a few weeks to let the radiation finish doing it's thing and for my wound (from abscess in hospital in Jan) to heal up a bit more. Then we will start another chemo protocol.....probably navelbine. I haven't been in the chemo room since last September so not sure how much I am looking forward to that. But we have to do, what we have to do.

For now I am just grateful that I am feeling a bit better. I am able to get out and about by myself as I am able to drive. I was feeling kind of down for awhile probably because of the pain...but my outlook is now considerably improved. And it is ball season. So time to get out and cheer my son on! His first game was last night and I was able to get out and enjoy his game on a lovely sunny spring evening. Life is good.


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Knowing that the radiation is working in relieving the pain is very good news.

It really is very nice for you to be able to sleep at night, and to realize that it will continue after treatment is completed, is a plus.

I am happy for you Sandra,


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Sandra - so glad to hear that the pain is diminishing! How empowering to be able to get around by yourself and not have to grit your teeth through the pain. I am ecstatic for you.

My son is also out playing baseball; although the weather here hasn't yet allowed for a game - can't wait to be sitting in the bleachers either!

It is nice that you get time to heal some more before moving on to the Navelbine. Know I will be keeping you in my prayers.

Take care,



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Sandra :D

I'm sorry it took me so long to post this! I just wanted to let you know that I'm SO thrilled that you're getting some VERY well deserved relief! You've fought through so much..I admire you completely and I'm just so happy for you.

You've been such a wonderful friend to me through all of this, and I want you to know I'm thinking about you every day



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