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Because of my mother...


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Hello Everyone,

My mother was diagnosed with sclc in 05 and passed away in 06. She was 50 years old. I am an only child and I still struggle everyday. I am angry, sad and empty. This is a great place of support for those that need to talk and relate with others. Thank you!

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Welcome to the LCSC, and please don't hesitate to post whenever there's something our remarkable group might be able to help you with. There's also a chance your perspective can help others who are just now facing the challenges you experienced 3 years ago. Aloha,


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Hi Mel,

My Mom just passed away in Feb. she was in congestive heart failure and developed a staph infection. I wasn't an only child but was the "baby". My Mom and I were very close, I am a total "Mama's girl". It is painful . . . well you know. Glad you found us. Post as much as you want.


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My mom just passed away in February from sclc and I too, am angry as hell. Depressed, empty all of the time... This site has been very helpful to me although sometimes I leave here a little more sad reading how so many people struggle and just try to cope every day with this awful disease, whether it affects them personally or someone they know. I admire everyone on this site so much, how strong they are.

You said your mom passed in 06 and to this day your still feeling those emotions. People tell me, that it will get easier. I just cant imagine! I'm really glad you found this site. It really is a wonderful place to vent and share your feelings, whatever they may be. I cant tell you how many times I've posted just "IM ANGRY" messages... :0)

Take care and post away !!!

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Hello and welcome, to you.

I am so sorry that you have lost your dear Mom.

Grieving is a difficult job, and being able to come here and write, unload, vent, or talk can be helpful in that.

Even when my husband was first diagnosed, there was a certain grieving. Initially, and ever since, we have been helped so very much to be able to enlist support.

Please, for whatever the reason, come back to post. I do believe it helps many of us in our journey. You are not alone.

There are times when this community of members has been my only safe harbor.


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