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Update on Dad


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Sorry I haven't updated. It's been one heckuva roller coaster ride.

Just to get you all up to speed. . . My Dad was diagnosed with a Pancoast tumor the end of February. Unfortunately, my parents have no insurance and were looking at hundreds of thousands in debt to attempt to save my Dad's life.

Knowing there had to be help out there, I pounded the net and found this site. Here, I met Kasey who is an angel to our family. I really feel like God sent her to me. She shared her story with me and told me about NIH. I sent an email to a wonderful lady at NIH and she called me within five minutes! We sent all of Dad's scans and reports to them and my parents were there by March 23rd.

Dad underwent about 10 days of testing and started his chemo/radiation on April 6th. He did really well until about the weekend. The radiation has really done a number on his throat. He says it feels like he has the worse strep throat anyone could possibly have. He is having trouble eating anything but is trying to find what works for him. He also is having a hard time finding a pain medication that doesn't make him vomit. He's also on 3 different types of meds to help control nausea. He says he needs a rolling suitcase for all of his meds. This is a man who has never been on any kind of medication!

Throughout this process he has managed to keep his sense of humor. As he walked away for his radiation on Monday he asked my Mom to do him a favor. . . He said, "Mama, if you smell something burning would you tell them to turn me over?", "I think I'm done on this side!" :lol:

I'll post more when I know more. Please pray and send positive thoughts our way.


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He says he needs a rolling suitcase for all of his meds. This is a man who has never been on any kind of medication!

That certainly rings true for me. I have a long list which I update before each appointment, and I recently "enhanced" the list with an explanation of why each particular medication had been prescribed. Most of them are to counteract the side effects of one of the others!

So glad you got established with the NIH. Yes, Kasey is a jewel. Aloha,


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Hi Kristi. I am sorry your dad has had such a rough go of it. Absolutely amazing then that he still has his sense of humour....good for him! I am sending many prayers your way that he starts to feel better and that the treatments are doing their job. Take care


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