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Partial Results - UPDATED 4/23


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Hi All,

I had a CT and PET/CT last Friday and saw my onc this morning for the results. The PET result was not available yet. UGH!!

The CT showed that all the nodules I have as well as several lymph nodes have enlarged in size over the last 3 months. My onc is referring my case to the Karmanos Tumor Board for review. They have biopsied the largest nodule twice, with benign results, but tell me it could still be cancer. This has been going on since 12/07. I told my onc that if they cannot tell whether it is cancerous or not to please take it out.

I'll get their opinion and recommendation/s on Thursday.

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Geesh Barb! How frustrating and strange to not know exactly what is going on and what path to take. Maybe the PET scan results will help. I sure hope they get it figured out soon and do something for heavens sakes. The "not knowing" for sure must be just horrible. Prayers to you for answers soon. Take care


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The tumor board at Karmanos thinks my recent scan results are probably from inflammation and less likely a cancer recurrence. YEAH!!

I will be on 6 weeks of prednisone and rescanned in early June. If the prednisone helps, that will tell them for sure it is not cancer. They said the inflammation may be sarcoid or silicoisis. Here's hoping the prednisone, with all its YUCKY side effects, will work.

***Predisone makes me very nauseated. If anyone hs any tips or suggestions and how to help this, I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for all the prayers:)

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Barb, I'm at a loss for the correct names but I know there are two prescriptions for nausea--one starts with a p and the other a c. Somebody out there? Ned, I think you mentioned the one that starts with a "c"--was it compazine? I took the one with a p and when I find it, I'll post the name. Problem with the one I took was it put me to sleep. I'll pass on another remedy that really works for general naseau and is worth a try here. Get those red and white stripped candies that come in a bag. Read the ingredients and make sure it says it contains real peppermint oil. My sister (an RN) recommended them and I am amazed. It can take one to four of them but it works for me. I would be willing to try peppermint tea as well.

Stay well and lets hope the steriods work. Am rooting for you.

Judy in Key West

Judy in Key West

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