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It's Baby Time!!!!


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Not such a smooth delivery though. He was face up which I guess is the wrong way to come out and they had to assist with the suction and had to give her an episiotomy to get him out.

I was all excited when he came out and was taking some pics of him while the doc was stitching Vivienne up. Then the doc said she wouldn't stop bleeding. The way the baby came out had torn her up high inside, she was hemorraging and they rushed her to the O.R. and put her out so they can repair the damage. It was quite a scary experience.

Mother and baby are fine now though and I will post pics later tonight.

Myles Henry Murphy


7:13 p.m.

7 lbs 1 oz

21 inches

He looks just like his mommy.


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Congratulations!! Glad to hear Vivienne is doing fine. That experience had to be beyond the pale!!

BTW, Myles' height and weight are the same as my Nick's when he was born. At 15, Nick is tall and lean. I bet Myles will be tall and lean, too.

As beautiful as Vivienne is, Myles is destined to be one handsome young man. A total "chick magnet". Don't tell me later that I didn't give you fair warning -- you're going to have to beat the girls off with a stick! Might as well get that stick ready right now. :lol:

Love you, Sis.


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