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Writers block...trying to do my fundraising letter

Nick C

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for ourr foundation. And I just don't have it.

Last year's letter flew from my fingers and it was received very well. This year I am struggling.

But I need to do this, I need to keep fighting to raise funds to fight this disease.

Any ideas?

About the foundation: We raise dollars and than funnel them to research in the areas of prevention detection and cure of Lung Cancer. 100% goes to research, admin costs are covered by the directors of the foundation.

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Am not sure what the focus of last years letter was Nick, But how about a letter extolling on the advances of Early detection and the progress made in this area!!

There has been research into Saliva tests, URINE tests!! Thats a Shocker and also very recent, as well as Blood tests for Early detection Of Lung Cancer. The blood tests and Saliva tests are the most reliable and also are the original Early detection tests. I believe the genetic code is involved in these two types of tests. They have proved to be the most reliable ones. The Urinalysis test is very recently discussed type of test so not as familiar with that one as the other two tests. If I can help out let me know !!! Oh and Good Luck !!!!

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I agree with coming from the personal. From what I've come to know of you through the boards, my guess is that last year's letter was inspired by the loss of your mother. Perhaps launching this year's letter from the perspective of what you want to happen before Sophia grows up will set you free from your block. Just a thought. Good luck.

Judy in Key West

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