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Visit with the Oncologist...


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Dad had his visit with the Oncologist today. They discussed this cough of his and have started him on some Steroids along with Liquid Codeine Phosphate.

The Chest X-ray shows some patchy areas in the non-affected Lung and so we are thinking that there is some progression in that area. A CT scan is being booked. Also starting his 2nd line treatment tomorrow which is Tarceva (150mg).

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Sorry to hear about the cancer progression Caren. I am glad to hear your Dad has agreed to the Tarceva and feels up to doing the CT. That is positive progress. It helps when they can give him some relief from something (cough). I'll be it gives him more confidence that stuff they do can work!

Judy in Key West

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Thank you all for the support.

Dad seems a little more upbeat about things since his visit with the Oncologist, which is a little strange considering he has just been told of possible progression. I think it's because there is something being done and the Onc had such a positive attitude towards the Tarceva. Dad managed to eat a small meal last night too!

The cough is already easing up a lot, which is great. Dad seemed to have a much more comfortable night last night and is awake already (9:15am), although still lying in bed, this is the earliest I've seen him awake and alert in quite a few weeks.

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