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Saturday's Air


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It was great seeing everyone visiting on the Air yesterday. I didn't get back in until this morning but read and enjoyed every post!

We're just lolling around waiting for my son an daughter-in-law to be ready for us to come. Wish they could just relax and let it happen. We don't go until one so I thought I'd pop in and say "morning all."

The weather and the lakeside setting here at the KOA in Narccoossee is beautiful but the pollen is h@$!. My husband and I are both suffering. I'm going to take a walk but think I'll be sorry.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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It's a beautiful day in Hawaii nei, and the worst seems to be over from my Carboplatin/Alimta treatment Tuesday. Fairly significant fatigue Thursday and Friday, but none of the other "features" (flashing lights, roaring hurricane, nausea, neuropathy, foot rash) that came with the Cisplatin experiment in early April. So far nothing has messed with my taste buds or stomach, and last night we enjoyed some spicy Korean food from one of our favorite take-out establishments. Today should be an easy one with a trip to the shopping center and not much else. Aloha,


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Hope your visit is going well Judy!

Glad your feeling well Ned!

As for accomplishing a bit - not me! I have had a very lazy day with my head in a good book. But now the rain has stopped and the sun is shining so I should probably go out and enjoy the fresh air for a bit.

have a wonderful day everyone!

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Hi everyone,getting near the end of the day here and I think I am on the backside of this cold I have had.My grandson 12 came and spent the night last night and his twin sisters 10 came and spending the night tonight.Works pretty good that way,they get away from the fighting for awhile. It was good to read a lot of the positive posts today. Jan's post made my day!

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