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To Peter R. Re: Surgery

Connie B

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Hi Peter R!!

Welcome to the board no one wants to be a part of, yet we are all very happy to have one another!!

I just wanted to say, (jokingly) Don't you love the way we welcome you here by saying, :Five days you went back to work after surgery, "WHAT ARE YOU NUTS?" Gotta tell you when Janet W wrote that I just craked up laughing!!!! But I also have to say, she took the words right out of my mouth!!! :D:D

You are by far one of the VERY LUCKY ones!! HOORAY FOR YOU!!! I have a friend who had his entire Right lung removed 9+ years ago at the age of 58 and he went back to work 16 days after his surgery! I gotta tell you, I thought he was NUTS TOO!!! But, he is still here and right now today, he called and told me he has pneumonia. BIG BUMMER!!!

Well, I just wanted to WELCOME you, and also wanted to share I tend to agree with our Janet W., but I'm SO VERY HAPPY your doing so well!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Hey Janet W.

Not to worry my friend, I covered your _ _ _ _ for not sending Peter a Welcome, before you shared with him you thought he was nuts!!! :o:lol::oops::P:P Now all I can hope for is that Peter has a sense of humor!!! If I remember right, I think he does!!!! :?:?

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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